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Hi, I’m Stacey.


Nice to meet you! I am a Canadian Immigrant who has fallen in love with an American and Texas. 4 kids, 11 chickens,  and a dog later, we are happily settled in Round Rock and are loving the community we get to be apart of. 


For the last twelve years, I’ve had the honor to photograph the most kick-butt moments in many peoples lives. The wedding, the birth, tiny hands and toes and many stages of the growing family. The time moves quickly, as we hear all the time, but these photos stay still. On the wall, in an album, in Christmas cards and picture frames. Time has stopped and it’s all thanks to you! For seeking out a photographer who can make you laugh and smile and capture it all. 


So, cheers! I raise my glass of Topochico to you, dear friend! By golly, you deserve it!

Much love,


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